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[audio]the practice
a testing practice for the gig to come at salonbruit (salonbruit.org) the gig recording was so horrible it is deleted ever since.
Keywords: schmacke; jo-nase; xxxlive; xl spritzrohr; nutte und huhn; salonbruit
Downloads: 15
[audio]Building Last Millenium - k-Mutant
Recorded live onto a metal tape cassette.Listen to the last millenium!
Keywords: kmutant; ekafon; schmacke; ken
Downloads: 24
[audio]Shambles at WIP Party - The Shambles
The Shambles. The shambles began with Declan coming back to Berlin from Ireland, he came back with great inspiration and enthusiasm, the name of the band was enough to create this style of music. As Declan did say once yonder and over the hill of time “It’s going to be a shambles”. But it beats the hell out of banging in fence posts and looking at broken drain pipes. The songs are played with guitars tuned a semitone apart, the vocals would glide as if on rails and the drummer added to the...
Keywords: shambles; schmacke; dunckerland
Downloads: 25
[audio](ekafon004)OsloEmpire - The Fake Masters
Made in Oslo after OpenEarWaves, a meeting of soundartists from norway, england and germany. The sounds are recorded with a MiniDisc, number one at the centralstation, number 2 was a crazy man in the shopping area, no.3 is the very old fort, 4 is dedicated to the sea, number 5 is made in a forest, number 6 on a bench, seven is at the edge of a road, number 8 represents an acoustic menu and number 9 is the garden of the castle in oslo...
Keywords: schmacke; fake; masters
Downloads: 311
[audio]Orion - Pocket Brain Orchestra
another release of the pocket brain orchestra. they found orion in the same pocket as they are in......................... produced Xmas '99 while watching the pope speaking....
Keywords: fake masters; duncker; dunckerland; schmacke; michael schmacke; pocket brain orchestra
Downloads: 45
[audio]Live at home - Pocket Brain Orchestra
DO YOU REMEMBER THE EIMER? this one is a practice for a gig there. the recording of the actual gig failed. so this is the proove....
Keywords: fake masters; duncker; dunckerland; schmacke; michael schmacke; pocket brain orchestra
Downloads: 122
[audio]Technology for Hippies No.2 - The Fake Masters
The second time! Markus Schwill had back his recorder and Bblitch bought the same model pretty cheap because it was running out. Scribble said: "lets do it again with our own device!!!" He used the same MiniDisc but Bblitch recorded a new one from TV. This is like the first part made in 1997. the date is not transmitted.
Keywords: fake masters; duncker; dunckerland; schmacke; michael schmacke; clive manning
Downloads: 58
[audio]Building last Millenium - k-Mutant
This work was recorded onto a metal tape cassette. Listen to the last millenium
Keywords: k-mutant; ken; schmacke; ekafon
Downloads: 9
[audio](ekafon003)Oslo Empire live at Elektrotasse, Berlin - The Fake Masters
One month back from oslo
Keywords: oslo schmacke fake masters fakemasters
Downloads: 226
[audio]JIHLAVA Empire - fake masters empire
We left Vienna. Passing thru Bratislava We invaded Jihlava In the name of the inspiration
Keywords: mfdf; jihlava; fake; masters; empire; schmacke
Downloads: 44
[audio]Kinch Blade and the Black Lilies live in Liège - Kinch Blade and the Black Lilies
Kinch Blade live in Liège December 1997. I showed Super8-Films and made the recording. Mr.Schmacke 18th December 2011
Keywords: kinch; blade; black; lilies; schmacke; paolo rizzi
Downloads: 84
[audio](ekafon008)Worst Tape Ever - Brothers Meditate
YEAH, that's the worst tape ever by Brothers Meditate. We speeded the 4-track up a bit for more excitement. the Brother with the electric guitar should have left out but we couldn't turn his track down. we apologize for this bad played wonderful music but we thought its important for the development of mankind to publish this shit. especially the first two songs. number one is a song of the german tribes which was rewritten by monks into a christian background and then written back by Bblitch An...
Keywords: brothers meditate; schmacke; fake masters; fakemasters; rupi
Downloads: 94
[audio](ekafon009)Fake Bastards Background Tape - S C H M A C K E
this is the background tape for the gig of the fake bastards at the 16/12/2003 : NOMUSIC Final Battle! look up " nomusic.org " ! fake bastards are: Fake Mistress Bblitch Anderson
Keywords: nomusic; fake bastards; fake masters; fakemasters; schmacke
Downloads: 109
[audio]THE 3 FAKES - The Fake Masters

Keywords: fake masters; duncker; dunckerland; schmacke; clive manning
Downloads: 62
[audio](ekafon012)“…no ones home…” - The Fake Masters
“…no ones home…” marks a milestone in history. It was in December 1996 when the fake masters smoked a lot of weed. Their salesman, a dealer, said he is going on a holiday for the change of the year… For first the fake masters were afraid they could get no weed for new years eve. Then someone knocked on the door. The idea knocked on the door. They asked the dealer to tell no one that he is going and asked him if they could stay in his flat and wait for the knocking… and play to the kn...
Keywords: fake masters; duncker; dunckerland; schmacke; clive manning
Downloads: 97
[audio]4-Track-Motherfuckers - The Fake Masters
In fact these are three solo pieces of the fake masters! Number 1 is a cover version of "Tramaboutabit" from "...and their stoned wifes" by Scribble SR2. Number 2 is a mix of four versions of "the bell" in one go from the album "...and their stoned wifes" also by Scribble SR2 Number 3 is of the Brothers Meditate which is Bblitch Anderson. Produced 1995.
Keywords: fake masters; duncker; dunckerland; schmacke; clive manning
Downloads: 27
[audio]what down so my face breaks - The Fake Masters
Another EKAFON-Release! This time you can listen to the creative depression of Scribble SR2 and a recording of the party where the fake masters meet up with Mick Jagger. No joke! Pure fake!
Keywords: schmacke,fake masters,dunckerland, scribble sr2
Downloads: 33
[audio]A warm welcome - Fakemaster Schmacke
This is made for Angie Yeowell A dancing visualist and her housewarming party It was performed in her cellar In Neukölln Which she could directly access From her room
Keywords: fake; masters; schmacke; angie yeowell; neukölln; housewarming
Downloads: 47
[audio]The fruits of Grandpa August's 100th year - pocketbrain orchestra xl
another release of the pocketbrain orchestra...this stuff is from 2000... nine songs composed by the editor in chief
Keywords: schmacke; pocket; brain; orchestra; xl; ekafon; 2000
Downloads: 50
[audio]The fake sisters at Nomusic Arena - The fake sisters VS. OiMa /Torbay
Live at Nomusic TournamentTHE FAKE SISTERS vs. OiMa /Torbay
Keywords: schmacke; ekafon; fake; sisters; nomusic; arena; tournament
Downloads: 10
[audio]Ambient - Pocketbrain Orchestra
Bad recordings of wonderful compositions...enjoy the year 1999...last millenium slow motion animation
Keywords: pocketbrain orchestra; pocket; brain; orchestra; schmacke; 1999
Downloads: 67
[audio]Piece of earth - Nutte und Huhn
Ein Stück Erde based on "Peace on Earth", 1939!
Keywords: schmacke; jo-nase; xxxlive; xl spritzrohr; nutte und huhn
Downloads: 16
[audio](ekafon007)FRB Event Ambient DUB - Brothers Meditate
next release of the Brothers Meditate....it's a shame but we forgot what FRB meant....no joke! The label of the four-track-cassette says "FRB Event Ambient" and we don't know anymore what "FRB Event" means! "Free Reggae Brothers?" we really don't know and if we don't know nobody can know..... Its obvious ambient dub.... 28:47min.
Keywords: brothers meditate; schmacke; dub; ambient; fake masters; fakemasters
Downloads: 198
[audio](ekafon006)Travelling on a spot - Brothers Meditate
Bblitch Anderson invited the choir of a Korg DSS-1 to play along with him and his Casiotone 101.....the brothers meditated again. This work was the soundtrack of the "esoteric monument" at the 2nd Dadaweeks in Zürich, Switzerland, made by Fakemaster Schmacke and Mark Divo. It was a copy of stonehenge made out of wall units...even NeueZüricherZeitung liked it! we submit a photo of that later!
Keywords: dada; schmacke; fake masters; fakemasters; bblitch anderson; brothers meditate; nzz
Downloads: 92
[audio]Brain de Poquette - Pocket Brain Orchestra
yeah, its the Pocket Brain Orchestra! All songs composed and produced 1998-1999 using Roland's PMA-5! (sometimes controlled by CubaseLite)
Keywords: dunckerland; schmacke; fake masters; pocket brain orchestra; bblitch anderson
Downloads: 90
[audio]I am angry (floppy disk single) - Pocketbrain Orchestra
This is one of two FLOPPY DISK (!) singles released after an idea of Markus Schwill
Keywords: pocketbrain; orchestra; dienstbar; markus; schwill; michael; schmacke; floppy; disk
Downloads: 38
[audio]Radio U(msonst) - Michael Schmacke
Radiosendung mit Umsonstmusik aus dem Archiv, gesendet auf 99.1MhZ in Berlin...auf Radio Einheit!
Keywords: schmacke; salonbruit; radio u; 99.1MhZ; radio einheit
Downloads: 16
[audio]Technology for Hippies No.1 - The Fake Masters
The first work of the fake masters on MiniDisc. Bblitch achieved a portable MD-Recorder by a pal of him. He said he’s found it and sold it very cheap. There was no power supply coming with it…..but they were really surprised of the technology. Cutting recordings and throw away what´s not needed! Amazing! The result was pretty psychedelic they thought and they were laughing when one of them said: “Technology for hippies!” Right after they finished this work, Markus Schwill of the Dienstb...
Keywords: fake masters; UHER; duncker; dunckerland; schmacke; clive manning
Downloads: 76
[audio](ekafon002)...and their stoned wifes (1994) - The Fake Masters
This is the first work of the fake masters. with: Scribble SR2 (guitar) Bblitch Anderson (drums) Uher Report (reels) Uher Report is the singer of the fake masters. he's a reel-to-reel taperecorder and can sing 4 octaves. This work, ...and their stoned wifes, is the result of a walk they took in former eastBerlin. They recorded their stations with that reel-to-reel. Back home they composed these songs...
Keywords: fake masters; fakemasters; schmacke; clive manning; uher report; uher; ekafon
Downloads: 361
[audio](ekafon010)BASS - The Fake Masters
THE BASS This piece is a complicated construction. It doesn’t sound like it but listen to the story… It is the second piece of the fake masters ever, it started in 1994. They went off with UHER to record west-berlin as a sequel to “..and their stoned wifes” which recorded east-berlin. They went to kudamm, the ICC, the teufelsberg, the quarry, the tiergarten, the Reichstag and a telephonebox...
Keywords: fake masters; UHER; duncker; dunckerland; schmacke; clive manning
Downloads: 244
[audio]"HEY, Lee Kopta! It´s us! The Flake Riot Massas" - The Fake Masters
BERLIN, May, 1st 1996: The Fake Masters climb onto the roof of their squat “DUNCKERLAND”. Today the demonstration will lead pass here and the fake masters, Scribble, Bblitch and UHER want to record and play to it simultaneously. It´s a sunny day. The four-track-recorder and UHER could f*** up. They build a little shelter. This shelter attracts the helicopter of the police forces. They feel like the natives on the Andaman islands but cannot shoot with arrows...
Keywords: fake masters; UHER; duncker; dunckerland; schmacke; clive manning; greg malcom
Downloads: 598
[audio]German empire - the fake masters empire
Piotr, old friend, who seems to be in the south of France today, builded a Brandenburg Gate of Berlin from cardboard boxes, in the second yard of Dunckerland, Dunckerstraße 14/15, yes, Prenzlauer Berg, but still warm and filthy He invited the fake masters to play and they decided to do their first empire! Starting form scratch they played for three hours composing live, building up the empire. Another historical moment brought to you by ekafon
Keywords: brandenburg gate; schmacke; fake masters; empire; clive manning; dunckerland; dunckerstrasse
Downloads: 32
[audio]That's the secret to life... replace one worry with another.... - CZECHOSLOVAKIAN PARLIAMENTARY ELECTION 1946
1 - Go to wikipedia and hit random. The first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band. 2 - Go to quotationspage.com and hit random. The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album. 3 - Go to flickr.com and click on “explore the last seven days”. Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover. 4 - Use photoshop or similar (picnik.com is a free online photo editor) to put it all together...
Keywords: ekafon; schmacke; fake masters; internet; game; facebook; electronic
Downloads: 56
[audio]May, 25th, 1995, in Dunckerland - Schmacke
45 minutes of life in Dunckerland, second yard. Oktavio on teaboxbass, Hannes on percussion, strange singers, girls like mad, the christians sing and the spox sound from their practice room. Many voices out of the windows. A document of Dunckerland! ...enjoy...
Keywords: schmacke; dunckerland; 1995; east; berlin; squat; teabox bass
Downloads: 44
[audio]Coloured pocket of your brain - Pocket Brain Orchestra
this is a single
Keywords: dunckerland; schmacke; fake masters; pocket brain orchestra; bblitch anderson
Downloads: 75
[audio]A guy called MADNESS - Fakemaster Schmacke
All compositions in 2009 and a bit in 2010... ...finally released... ...by... ... E K A F O N ...
Keywords: schmacke; fakemaster; a guy called madness; noise; pop; madness
Downloads: 116
[audio]The original Fake Master - UHER feat. Bblitch
This is the original Fake Master. UHER recorded in half speed, the drum machine was on half speed and Bblitch played an oriental scale to the rhythm. Played back in double speed Scribble SR2 was listening to it and said: "You are the Fake Master! Let's make a band, "The Fake Masters". So, now, be earwitness of a nativity....
Keywords: fake masters; UHER; duncker; dunckerland; schmacke; clive manning; original
Downloads: 32
[audio](ekafon005)Bad Old Times - Brothers Meditate
"Brothers Meditate" is the solo-project of Bblitch Anderson of the Fake Masters. This work is from 1996, a four-track-tape-project based on a box of found tape reels recorded in GDR(east germany)from west german radiostations. all that reels contain documentations about the third reich. Bblitch worked up his past. His past? Which past? THE past! He's found more horrible facts about the nazi empire....
Keywords: schmacke; fake masters; fakemasters; german past; bblitch anderson
Downloads: 180
[audio]Genetic drugs in Afrika - pocketbrain orchestra xl
Sometime in 2001 an initiative called "genetic drugs" called for songs on Berlin "radio eins". they provided a sampling CD with field recordings from western africa for any musician interested. pocketbrain xl's machine crashed before the deadline. the songs were lost but here they are!
Keywords: schmacke; pocketbrain xl; ekafon; genetic drugs; west africa
Downloads: 44
[audio]=(0880)= - sZmk
Keywords: schmacke; fake masters; fakemasters; bblitch anderson; ekafon; electronic experimental; melodic noise; musical noise; harmonic noise
Downloads: 77
[audio]Fourteen songs - Poquette
A special album of the Pocketbrain Orchestra. Made with PMA-5 used as a soundmodule The MAXDATA Artist laptop (233 Mhz) had fantastic sounds on its ENSONIQUE sound chip and was the brain in fact. It was running CubaseLite, which had no audiofunctions these days. The Korg DSS-1 supported some of the songs with samples and self written waveforms. Welcome to an amazing dance of digital dinosaurs presented to you ...
Keywords: dunckerland; fake masters; pocketbrain; orchestra; schmacke; korg dss-1; roland pma-5; digital; dinosaurs
Downloads: 80
[audio]LIVE at FakeDIENSTbar - G.NOW
The FakeDIENSTbar was held by the fake masters every second Wednesday with the friendly permission of the DIENSTbar, in the Luna Bar, Schliemannstraße, Prenzlauer Berg. We forgot the date, but it must have been 2001 when G.NOW was playing. For the first song Uwe is joining them with his violin skills. Enjoy, and hail and greetings to the Fake Masters, DIENSTbar and, of course, EKAFON!
Keywords: dienstbar; fake dienstbar; g.now; fake masters; michael schmacke; clive manning; luna bar; schliemannstraße; schliemannstrasse
Downloads: 47 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]The Shambles live at Geschmack Studio - The Shambles
This recording was made with a FOSTEX fourtrack used as a mixer. Recorded in stereo/hig speed in my house on July, 4th, 1996. I just came back from russia. The shambles were two guitarist who played half a note apart from each other, a singer, and me as a drummer, my drumkit was made out of a kettle and a 35mm film box. My place was with no water, no toilet and no rent. I had to pay 50 DM for the electricity...
Keywords: the shambles; declan maltimore; clive manning; michael schmacke; david simpson; dunckerland
Downloads: 61
[audio]The B side floppy - Pocketbrain Orchestra
Here the second of two floppy disk singles. They were in fact a double single disk. A and B side like back in the even older days. The A side released previously contains the real floppy disk audio file. This release contains only the right song but not in the original quality. We apology for this. The two B side floppy disks left over were both damaged, and there are no others so far known. BUT E N J O Y ! of course .......
Keywords: pocketbrain; orchestra; dienstbar; markus; schwill; michael; schmacke; floppy; disk; b; side
Downloads: 39
[audio]2 songs, 4 tracks - Various artists,
One song is 3 tracks merging 2 tracks.Second song is made for the vernissage of Mickry 3, Mark Divo and Ingo Giezendanner who called themselves DISCO TVA melted metal gave way for the acid rap. Listen to Scribble SR2 drumming on it.Remembering the gallery RADIO BERLIN, Invalidenstrasse, Berlin
Keywords: schmacke; fake; masters; ekafon; mickry3; mark divo; grrrr; radio berlin
Downloads: 11
[audio]Georillia - The Fake Masters Dance Company
this piece is made for 20 YEARS SCHMACKE IN DUNCKER on April 8th, 2010 Atelier Libusin turned up, brought the terapins and other important tech The event took place on rooftop Dunckerstrasse 14 Berlin P'Berg We had to finish fast before the undead approach...we escaped on a balcony And in that flat Two polish girls cooked food We never met before The dinner was delicious The party a success
Keywords: duncker; dunckerland; fake masters dance company; schmacke, jakob maché; guerilla; atelier libusin
Downloads: 29
[audio]Vindobinda Empire - The Fake Masters
In 1991 bold squatters took the Steinweg Grand Piano of a dead state in Eastberlin. It stood on common ground later known as the Anorak and could be played by everyone. It was tagged with spraypaint, lost its legs and ripped out a toenail of a woman. Making place for the Anorak it came to another room until it was sold to Munich. Iit moved to Vienna to an interested piano builder. There it was completely renovated.The complete remake initiated the festival "Das Klavier kommt…" in Vienna late...
Keywords: schmacke; clive manning; olivia pils; fake; masters; mistress; vienna; wien; revenge
Downloads: 10
[audio]Stoned wifes unplugged-strumming partII - The Fake Masters
The second recording on the fourtrack, registering part two of the first work of the strumming period of THE FAKE MASTERS
Keywords: schmacke; fake; masters; strumming; uher; stoned; wifes; fake; masters; ekafon; stoned; wifes; strumming
Downloads: 122
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